Why Outsource with Cebu tele-net?

Cost – Reducing Labor cost is the number one driver why Organizations elect to outsource. Virtually every company cites lowering … read more

What is Omotenashi?

#cebutelenet #japaneseculture   Read about it here: OMOTENASHI

What it takes to be a PEZA Certified Company?

Informing a prospect or a potential client that we are a PEZA certified company might be a selling point for … read more

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Your perfect partner for call center services…

Partner with us! Japanese style of management, training and style of delivering performance. Twenty-two years in existence as an end … read more


picture source: http://www.xpats.com/domestic-and-foreign-adoption-belgium-downward-trend by: Silver Cepeda It was almost a year ago when everyone in the call center industry of the … read more

The Bonita Experience!

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Business Continuity: the necessary plan!

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Why Metro Cebu and not Metro Manila?

picture source: http://www.guidetocebu.com Cebu, as part of the Philippines has been under the system greatly influenced by American education. With the … read more

Why Outsource?

I think everyone encounters this question. Hence, let me  help you…   Cost – Reducing Labor cost is the number … read more

My COVID-19 Journey: Recovery with Cebu tele-net

By Michelle Tanaka, Japanese Services at Cebu tele-net January 2020—at the height of the festive mood in the island of … read more

Hiring After COVID: Outsource or Hire Freelance?

Global lockdowns at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic have forced companies to hire WORK FROM HOME. But hiring and … read more