Building Networks with CIB.O

Building Networks with CIB.O

After a two year hiatus from face to face gathering, Cebu IT BPM Organization (or CIB.O) finally organized this year a General Membership Induction for new CIB.O members, a group to which Cebu tele-net may potentially be a part of in the coming years. Chief Sales Officer, Mr. Anthony “Silver” Cepada, together with his Business Development Manager, Mr. Kristian Jason Cablao, represented Cebu tele-net in this gathering of Cebu’s foremost names in the BPO industry.

It was a rare gathering of Cebu’s IT and BPO executives from both Industry and Academic institutions. Cebu tele-net was among the few invited to be “guests of the organization” in this one of a kind fellowship. Also present in the event were companies like Lexmark, Asus, Payoneer, Wipro, AppleOne Properties and KMC Savills (among others) for the business sector and the Cebu Institute of Technology-University, University of Cebu, University of the Philippines Cebu, and the University of San Carlos for the education sector.

Fostering this crucial partnership between industry and academic stakeholders has been CIB.O’s unique strategic membership structure. And it is precisely this synergy between the industry and the academe that CIB.O envisions as “the solution” to some perpetual challenges in the BPO industry namely, recruitment mismatch, lack of talented workforce, and employee retention and career growth.

After an introduction and induction ceremony for new members, the event culminated with a brief “Fireside Chat” with Visayas OIC for the Board of Investment (BOI).

The BOI discussed and addressed questions about a pressing industry issue on the transfer of some BPOs from PEZA (The Philippine Economic Zone Authority) to the BOI—an issue that revolves around that growing trend for a remote future of work.

Cebu tele-net CSO, Mr. Anthony “Silver” Cepeda with one of Cebu’s IT BPM executives during CIB.O’s General Assembly

This, among others, culminated the week for Cebu tele-net’s Sales. It was a week of building affinities, of networking among peers, and of establishing partnerships with fellow industry stakeholders—some crucial steps in Cebu tele-net’s evolution towards one day becoming an industry leader itself.

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