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About CTNP

Since the founding of our company in 1994, in Tokyo, Japan, our top priority has always been placed on the customer’s perspective. While IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and other automated technologies became the accepted trend in this industry, we remained focused on providing customer support with real human interactions and empathy, not emotionless automated messages.


Who We Are


We are experts in communication

Since we have direct communication with our client’s customers, we are able to gain valuable insight into the customer’s thoughts and experiences, and as a result, we can suggest ways to improve quality and revenue for our clients, while also conveying the client’s branding and company philosophy to their customers in a friendly and professional manner.

This is the reason why we have been successful in Japan to this day, for over 20 years. By delivering high-quality services and going the extra mile to make our client’s happy, while also offering competitive and cost-effective pricing to our clients in Japan. Now our goal is to achieve the same success in the global market!

We are new value providers

Delivering heart-to-heart interactions while placing a solid emphasis on dialogue and professionalism.

At CTNP, we take time to get to know your business. Once we understand your core principles and values, we ensure that we deliver your message and follow your ethos as we communicate with clients on your behalf. We go above and beyond to tailor our services towards the unique needs of our customers. It is this level of detail and personalization that places us above our competitors.

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We aim to be the number one marketing company that provides high value to all our clients.

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Our company philosophy is based on “omotenashi” as a service, which means “hospitality” in Japanese.

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Always think of the customer’s perspective. Always full compliance. Always do your best. Punctuality, follow timely manner. Positive contribution to society.

CTNP believes that our services are not only about simply providing a service, but also putting our heart and hospitality, as the Japanese would say “omotenashi”, into every single action we take to understand your heart and feelings for your mission and goals. tele-net believes this emotional connection to the customer is the heart of “omotenashi” and respect for one another will enhance each other’s values.
It is our mission to build heart-to-heart communication all over the world by providing “omotenashi” high-quality services for you.

Who We Are

ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Certified Quality Management System



Who We Are

PEZA Certified

Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) is a government agency in the Philippines under the Department of Trade and Industry created to help promote investments in the export-oriented manufacturing industry, into the country by assisting investors in registering and facilitating their business operations and providing tax incentives. PEZA also assists investors who locate in service facilities inside selected areas in the country (areas are called PEZA Special Economic Zones) which are usually business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing firms. Other activities also eligible for PEZA registration and incentives include establishment and operation within special economic zones for tourism, medical tourism, logistics and warehousing services, economic zone development and operation and facilities providers.

CTNP has passed all PEZA requirements and is eligible for various fiscal and non-fiscal incentives. We are located in GAGFA I.T. CENTER which is a world-class PEZA-accredited building in one of the Special Economic Zones of Cebu City.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Higher Value through Specialization

Many processes and operations that are not core to your business are processes that we specialize in. By outsourcing those responsibilities to us, you free up valuable resources that can be dedicated towards your business. Outsourcing is not about eliminating your team. It’s about bringing on a specialized workforce so that your team can focus on big-picture issues, allowing you to be more effective and fficient in your delivery of services. And you can rest assured that our training programs and hiring strategies are focused on providing you with the best possible contact center workforce. Always think of the customer’s perspective. Always full compliance. Always do your best. Punctuality, follow timely manner. Positive contribution to society.


While business growth is something we are all aiming for, it comes with its own set of challenges. With outsourcing, there is no burden on your company to buy more computers, set up more stations, hire more agents, etc., as all of that is handled on our end. Increasing the scale of your contact center support is as simple as notifying us what you need for the following month. This also makes peak and slow seasons easy to manage as you can quickly adjust how much support you get to the needs and budget of your business.

24/7 Coverage

In today’s global economy, having 24/7 coverage is becoming more necessary. A quick response time to customer inquiries at all hours of the day goes a long way in fostering customer loyalty and improving brand image. However, finding staff that are both skilled and willing to cover a graveyard shift can be challenging, and that usually involves a higher rate. By outsourcing through us, your customers will have access to our high-quality services whenever is most convenient for them.


Reducing labor costs is often the number one driver behind why organizations elect to outsource. Bringing on an additional agent at an in-house contact center involves not just a higher wage, but also the added costs of providing a 401k, benefits, manufactured capital, and possibly even additional management personnel. Another significant cost comes from the turnover that might occur. Replacing agents means more time invested in training and paperwork. We offer an hourly ‚all-in” rate that covers everything you would need without having to deal with any of those added costs.

Technology, Resources, Capital.


While our underlying philosophy of Omotenashi has stayed constant from our founding, we recognize that to compete in today’s economy, we need to continually adapt to the ever-changing landscape of technology. It is this combination of tradition and technology that has allowed us to stay relevant and remain timeless.


With our roots as a Japanese company, integrating technology to improve the customer service experience is ingrained in our DNA. Our IT team works tirelessly to ensure that we are utilizing the newest and best tech available to the industry. Low latency networks combined with the proper hardware and software for each of our agents ensure that your customers receive a smooth online service experience. And as technologies continue to develop, we will be ready to adapt and apply them.

Online Transactions

With online and phone transactions being so prevalent, most people don’t think twice about purchasing goods and services remotely. And we don’t want to give them a reason to. We uphold strict PCI compliance, ensuring that all our credit card transactions have the highest form of protection.

Redundant Locations

CTNP has a fully redundant system with multiple contact and data centers in Japan, the Philippines, the US, and China. Each potential failure point has at least one independent backup so that we can confidently and consistently provide a 100% uptime for you. Additionally, our contact centers have a secondary power supply that can run for a week in case of a power outage. While we hope we never have to rely on these redundancies, this infrastructure is in place so that your customers will never experience a break in service.