Why Outsource?


I think everyone encounters this question. Hence, let me  help you…


  1. Cost – Reducing Labor cost is the number one driver why Organizations elect to outsource. Virtually every company cites lowering costs as the primary driver for adopting this business model. According to industry analysts at Gartner, 80 percent of companies name cost-cutting as the main reason for outsourcing. Outsourcing non-core business functions will release valuable time and resources which can be dedicated to managing core functions instead. This means that the management of non-core functions such as call center operations or mail room are transferred to your outsourcing partner. In turn, your company reaps the advantages of your focused view of the areas that are critical to your business, allowing you to be more effective and efficient in your delivery of services. tele-net offers an hourly ALL IN rate wherein organizations get a price for one without the worries and stress of other benefits such as 401K, Retirement, Taxes, Medicare and Insurances. Your rate with us takes care of everything.

  1. Access to Higher Value Skill / Diverse Skill Set – Startup companies or bigger ones do not always have access to skilled employees for all areas of their business. Big companies face the same issue as the cost of labor continues to rise or when the timeline to launch a program is tight. Outsourcing can then be a brilliant option. Processes that are not core to your business, are core processes for outsourced companies and therefore it is in their interest to deliver the highest quality of service in those areas. tele-net existed for twenty three years developing the necessary business skills to help organizations in their pursuit of high return for their investments. The Japanese culture of treating customers with so much care is one of our core services delivered by one of the best in the contact service industry i.e. our Filipino workforce. Outsourcing is not about eliminating your core team. We value their expertise in your business. Having another team allows you to compare performance and output see what works and become a better organization.

  1. Improves Service quality and speed of Delivery – When your workforce is distributed in different areas or location a 24/7 coverage is met. It is challenging to put people on a graveyard shift because it requires extra labor cost or simply disliked. tele-net’s multiple location gives our clients full coverage as one of our shops closes for North America our Philippine call center takes over. The twelve hours’ time difference gives us the full advantage in being able to deliver a full coverage. For a client’s organization that runs customer service, technical support on chat and email response is done on real time as our workforce is readily available to answer making the whole experience with your brand easy and always accessible.

  1. Scalability – tele-net is in the business of hiring and developing people. Being able to prepare for a Holiday Ramp, Thanksgiving, back to School or simply your peak season is easily done to answer the need of your organization. We can go from twenty-five core agents to a hundred in a matter of weeks and all of this is part of our service. Our company’s continuous improvement program of developing leaders from our existing workforce answers your need for reliable people whenever there is a need. Organizations like yours does not need to worry about buying more computers, setting up stations, recruitment not meeting their quota, additional servers, etc. because we all take care of this in a faster pace. We have been doing this for decades and have transformed into a top-notch service delivery center.

  1. Disaster Recovery – placing your support team in one area or “basket” endangers your ability to provide services. tele-net prides itself with multiple locations fully connected to each other and mirrored to support your ever-demanding up-time. We can always switch from one site to another. If you go down we will be here to assist, retain and resolve your customers concern.


for more info contact: cebuinfo@tele-net.co.jp

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