The Bonita Experience!

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Ensuring the bright future of the next generation should be everyone’s mission. It is the right of every children to be happy and be secured in the society. Everyone must contribute in the assurance that they are given a good life. It is unfortunate though that this remains as an ideal concept – only!

Places like the Bonita Home for girls is a dark and monumental reminder of what became of our society. Most of the girls here were victims of abuse and have had very traumatic experiences in their lives. The institution is run by the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

It was a different Saturday for most of us. This time we were not dragging our feet on the way out of the office. September 23, 2017 – the whole operations floor was on a hype. Everyone was talking about what they will be doing. Energy was at an all-time high as everyone was making sure that everything was in place and things that needed to be brought were in the company car. It was different from the mundane call center life that we had. Thankfully it was an activity that is enriching to our humanity. Days before, the agents and front line staff (Japanese and Filipino) prepared and contributed for the gifts and practiced for presentation. All this excitement was for the Bonita House day.

The Japanese and Filipino management of Cebu tele-net are the driving force that started this event. The Bonita House day brings about a constant positive influence to the rest of the employees. It is the time of the month where everyone in the organization offers their time to visit the institution and cheer the girls. Funds for the event both comes from the company and the employees voluntarily giving their own money and time to participate. Personally, this activity charges me with positive outlook in life. Cheering up the littles ones that have undergone a terrible chapter in their life just taps deeply in everyone’s heart. Hearing the children cheer, laugh and see them enjoy releases the weeks or months being overwhelmed with the task at work. One realizes how lucky he or she is seeing how simple things like your presence, time or a piece of notebook draws a smile from them.

The Human Resource team of Cebu tele-net encourages the participation of employees in this activity as they become more positive in their task. “Positiveness” makes a happy workplace. The volunteer work aimed in cheering up the children in Bonita House bounces back to the employees who in return are cheered. This month’s visit to the place was a memorable one for Cebu tele-net as it was a homecoming for one of its employee. A statement that there is a bright future for these kids if they continue in their studies with the guidance of the Franciscan sisters.

Kudos to the sisters!

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