Looking Back to Move Forward: The Lessons of 2021

by Anthony “Silver” Cepeda, Chief Sales Officer

2021’s organizational slogan for Cebu tele-net Philippines Corporation is “Transforming Individual Strength to Organizational Power”. In tandem with this charge from our headquarters, Cebu tele-net added “Exploring Diversity” as the sub-theme for the year. I could not agree more. One must explore the diversity that makes our team unique for us to strengthen individuals and transform them into an asset of our organization.

The Cover of Cebu tele-net SAGA magazine for 2021 features an impressive women-dominated Senior Management team. A unique feat in an industry dominated heavily by men.

As Thomas Reid says, “You are only as strong as your weakest link”. Thus, understanding the depth of the characteristic of one makes us an even better team because we are able to address weaknesses and develop them to strengths.

There is always a challenge when a year starts. We started 2021, equipped with the necessary know-how because of the Strategic Planning session that we did last January. It enabled us to discuss the past and plan for the future. If you look back at it, you will see that this year was like any other. It was rife with challenges and complex problem-solving moments.

As leaders of the organization, we created programs that addressed these challenges. Cebu tele-net University was at the helm in developing agent’s continuous learning activities, improving their communication, soft skills and phone handling. It was a success as we see less and less errors on the Quality side of the spectrum. We see more and more agents focused on their jobs as we engage them with tools that helped them understand the business and their impact towards it. We understood the diverse learning aptitudes of our agents and set learning modules that best addressed them.

The Leadership team was not alone in facing the daily challenges of running the organization. Cebu tele-net University continued its mission of providing our leaders with necessary exercises and learning sessions, allowing them to grow in their leader’s mission of delivering excellent performance in all avenues. We saw a positive rise in the interest for the apprentice program as the number of enrollees and passers increased, allowing Cebu tele-net a very smooth succession planning for new accounts that were acquired.

As the new Chief Sales Officer of Cebu tele-net, it is my job to ensure that revenue comes in steadily. It did. We doubled our sales with new clients coming in, while the current ones expanded their numbers up to two or three times. Overall, it was a bullish year for us. It allowed us to have a better leg room in constructing a better call center, with top-of-the-line facilities, for everyone.

Cebu tele-net’s Transportation Team showed impressive success as it grew from 4 agents to a whopping 30 agents in 3 months time. A noteworthy accomplishment as this just proves how outsourcing to Cebu tele-net helped companies heavily affected by the pandemic to grow and recover.

The key to the whole organization’s success this year is our continuous effort of understanding the diversity of our work force, identifying strengths and areas of opportunities, and strengthening programs that transforms our members as value-added to our Organizational Power.

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