Hiring After COVID: Outsource or Hire Freelance?

Global lockdowns at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic have forced companies to hire WORK FROM HOME. But hiring and managing this way is a feat in itself. Still, like it or not, remote work will stay with us even after the pandemic.

Luckily, Outsourcing Companies like Cebu tele-net Philippines Corporation have mastered the art of remote work. Plus, at 60% less cost than hiring remote. Here are 9 REASON to OUTSOURCE instead of hiring remote freelance employee:

1. UNDISTURBED CONNECTIVITY. Technical Requirements (PC Specs, hardware, & Software) are costly and difficult to meet. Outsourcing companies like Cebu tele-net Philippines Corporation guarantees NO DOWNTIME in 24/7 ops while meeting all your tech requirements.

2. QUICK & ASTUTE HIRING. Finding the perfect-fit for remote work is difficult and time consuming. Cebu tele-net Philippines Corporation partners with TOP Universities and Institutions that provide us college graduates and experienced professionals to hire in no time.

3. HANDS-ON MANAGEMENT. Monitoring compliance and KPIs on a daily basis is a feat in managing remote workers. At Cebu tele-net Philippines Corporation, your dedicated team of Leaders and QAs does that for you 24/7.

4. BLITZSCALING. Ramping up ops to meet demand is not easy even in ordinary times. Most people now don’t even bother looking for work. Cebu tele-net Philippines Corporation has the resources to scale up from 10 fte to 100 fte in a week! TRY US!

5. DIVERSE HIGH-VALUE SKILL-SET. On your own, you are limited to hire within your segment/ location. Remote work is supposed to break that barrier. Are you able to maximize this effectively? NO!

Cebu tele-net Philippines Corporation‘s strategic recruitment guarantees experienced college-graduate professionals ready for work.

6. 24/7 DELIVERY WITHOUT BORDERS. Can you manage remote employees 24/7 and ensure no downtime? Would you have the time and resources to do so? NO!

The strategic locations of  Cebu tele-net Philippines Corporation enables it to provide 24/7 services across time zones.

7. DISASTER-PROOF. The pandemic, for a time, has halted most operations due to widespread infections and global lockdowns.  Cebu tele-net Philippines Corporation did not. Its robust disaster response measures (such as in-housing agents in secure dorms) proved resilient without costing clients an hour in ops.

8. COST-SAVING. Hiring remote employees would still cost you $10- $15 per hour plus benefits and bonuses. Plus, IT setup and management cost. Outsourcing to  Cebu tele-net Philippines Corporation starts at $7.10 per hour per agent including benefits and management. That’s 60% off your labor cost.

9. PREMIUM JAPANESE SERVICE. Remote work aggravates mediocrity among employees. There’s just no way to consistently monitor remote work. But not with us.

As a Japanese company with 28 years corporate experience,  Cebu tele-net Philippines Corporation has cultivated a culture of “Omotenashi” among its employees. This means consistent “customer-centric” service. A prime synergy of Filipino “Care” and Japanese “efficiency”.

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