Evolving: Cebu tele-net is ISO 27001 Certified

Evolving: Cebu tele-net is ISO 27001 Certified

Cebu tele-net Philippines Corporation is now formally ISO 27001-2013 CERTIFIED, an Information Security Standard acknowledged globally as among the benchmark for international information security practices. It obtained its ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification after an independent audit by CertValue, a independent consulting firm that audits international companies in the Banking, Aero-defense, Fin-tech, and BPO industry.

Over the years, Cebu tele-net has always maintained strict information security policies and practices. This recent ISO 27001 Certification only confirms that its commitment to meeting and sustaining the security requirements of its international clients is at par with global standards, especially in terms of the “Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability” of its information processing policies and practices—which covered the scope of the recent Third party Audit.

What’s in it for Cebu tele-net’s Clients?

As a BPO company that receives and processes data for international companies on a daily basis, this ISO 27001 certification ensures that Cebu tele-net’s Information Security Commitments are streamlined in all areas of its operation. The recent audit confirmed this by examining documentations and evidences provided by Cebu tele-net’s IT, HR, Admin, Operations and Training teams, covering an audit of our existing policies, from “Clear Desk and Clear Screen” policy in the production floor to the overall “Physical Security Management” policy of the entire site location, among others.

To clients, this serves as a solid assurance that while Cebu tele-net endeavors to provide efficient solutions as a BPO solutions provider, its policies and practices, developed in over 28 years of corporate experience, are grounded on rigorous information security practices. By extension, this provides clients key evidences to their customers and partners that their own business process is globally compliant and secure as well.

What’s in it for Cebu tele-net?

For a company that caters to an international client-base, this ISO-27001 certification opens the floodgates for Business Expansion from an enhanced Corporate Image. Given this year’s focus on its continued and sustained “Evolution”, this recent global recognition has thus propelled this movement for exponential growth to full throttle.

This means being able to partner with companies in industries with the strictest data security compliance such as those in Health care, Education, Utility Service, and Online Financial Services. Further, this expands Cebu tele-net’s outreach to include locations and countries with the most stringent data processing laws such as those in Europe with its GDPR (General Data Processing Regulation) laws in place, among others.

And lastly, this major Global Corporate Image boost serves not only as a means to business expansion but more so as an end in itself, as an affirmation of Cebu tele-net’s Japanese brand of Excellence in Customer Service and of its current vision of EVOLVING to make a DIFFERENCE by Evolving Surely but Securely.

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