CTNP Corp: Redefining Outsourcing With Authentic Japanese Hospitality


In the competitive realm of global outsourcing, companies worldwide are searching for partners that not only offer top-notch outsourcing services but also stand out with a unique proposition. Among them is CTNP Corp, the largest Japanese-owned BPO in the Philippines, setting the bar high for business outsourcing.

Japanese Excellence Meets Filipino Heart
CTNP Corp’s mission beautifully integrates Japanese customer service and hospitality with the undeniable warmth of Filipino hospitality. Their aim is clear: Delivering the precision and respect synonymous with Japanese hospitality to the world, combined with the celebrated Filipino call center talent. This fusion results in what many clients describe as the best customer service experience.

Comprehensive Outsourcing Solutions
CTNP Corp’s portfolio is diverse, catering to a wide array of outsourcing jobs:

Customer Service: This is more than just answering calls. It’s about understanding what is outsourcing in terms of building relationships.

Technical Support: As technology becomes intrinsic to businesses, CTNP Corp positions itself among top IT outsourcing companies.

Payroll & HR Outsourcing: Their payroll outsourcing services ensure streamlined processes, with expert HR outsourcing management.

Marketing & Sales Outsourcing: From crafting outsourcing marketing strategies to spearheading outsourced sales, they’ve got businesses covered.

Back Office & Data Entry: Efficient back office outsourcing and precise data entry outsourcing are vital cogs in the machine of any modern business.

Why CTNP Corp Stands Out
Beyond the promise of significant savings and the vast array of outsourcing projects, CTNP Corp shines due to its commitment to quality, expertise in BPO outsourcing, and the unique blend of Japanese customer service with Filipino hospitality. This outsourcing strategy ensures an unmatched client experience. Whether businesses are keen on offshore outsourcing or seeking nearshore outsourcing benefits, CTNP Corp has the solutions.

In a time where the lines between outsource IT, outsourcing call centers, outsourced marketing, and more are blurring, CTNP Corp stands distinct. Their vision of delivering Japanese hospitality through the lens of Filipino call center expertise positions them at the forefront of outsourcing companies. For any business pondering the advantages of outsourcing, CTNP Corp offers an answer that’s both compelling and cost-effective.

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